Custom Built Rifle Ordering

Etched Ordnance offers custom built AR-15’s.  We offer 2 different platforms to start with:

1.)    Etched Ordnance Forged 7075 Mil-Spec Upper and Lower

2.)    Etched Ordnance Billet 7075 Upper and Lower (very limited quantities)

From here, we can customize the rifle to fit your needs.

·         Barrels – We like to base our builds around 2 different Companies barrels:  Odin Works 416R Stainless Steel Barrels chambered in .223 Wylde and FN Cold Hammer Forged Barrels chambered in 5.56NATO.  Both companies are known for their reliability and accuracy with a wide variety of ammo.

·         Muzzle Devices – YHM Phantom, SLR variants, Lantac Variants, JMAC Customs RRD-4C, and many others.

·         Handguards/Rails – SLR Rifle works, Odin Works, Phase 5, Midwest Industries.

·         BCG – Milspec 8620 Carrier with Carpenter 158 bolt or 9310 Bolt and Nickel Boron (NiB) Variants from Lantac, FailZero, WMD, or Milspec provider.

·          Trigger groups – CMC variants, RISE Armament RA-140 SST and RA-535 APT, Nickel Plated/polished, and ALG QMS.

·         Receiver Extension/Buffer Tube -  Mil-Spec 6 position and KAK Industries Shockwave Brace Kit for Pistol Builds

·         Buttstocks and Pistols Grips – Magpul, BCM, Hogue

·         Finishes – Black Anodized Type 3 Hardcoat (Mil Spec Receiver sets only) and Custom Cerakote finishes by Erickson Arms LLC.   

·         Laser Marking / Engraving – We can also Laser mark / engrave the rifle and magazine to fit your custom build requirements.


Once the details for your custom build are concluded, a final price for the entire build will be provided.  A non-refundable $650.00 retainer/down payment is required up front before the build will proceed and payment in full when the rifle is complete before shipping.  Required time for build process will be estimated at the time of order, but on average 3-6 weeks for completion.


Etched Ordnance Rifles are not compliant with Assault Weapon Bans in occupied territory in the USA and as a result Complete AR’s will NOT be shipped to the following states:

- California
- Connecticut
- Maryland
- Massachusetts
- New Jersey
- New York



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